Environment variables editor features

Eveditor is a modern environment variables editor with native Windows look-and-feel interface. It is familiar and friendly, and has been carefully designed to be clean and ergonomic:

Environment variables editor with native Windows user interface

The application provides easy-to-use system PATH and user PATH environment variable editors, automatically splits parts of PATH variables for editing and merges them back while saving:

windows environment path editor


Editing environment variables has never been so safe. Eveditor automatically validates names and values, so you don’t have a chance to get into a mess

environment variables editor with built-in validation

Quickly find variables that contain word or phrase in their name or value. Start typing the desired search pattern and the editor automatically filters out irrelevant variables.

environment variables editor with search

Eveditor seamlessly integrates with Windows Control panel

environment variables editor control panel

With automatic updates check, you’ll always have the latest version of the editor installed

environment variables editor autocheck-for-updates

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