Eveditor 1.3.0 RC with support of expandable variables

Eveditor 1.3.0 is mostly dedicated to the following:

  1. Support for expandable variables
  2. Serious refactoring and re-organization of internal application structure, big step towards better testability and extensibility.

Whilst the second one is not visible to end-user and is under-the-hood work, the first feature provides the ability to include other environment variables inside your own ones. For example, if you declare

MyFolder = %SystemDrive%\MyFolder

then MyFolder variable will be automatically expanded to:

C:\MyFolder path (presuming that OS is installed on C: drive).

Expandable Environment Variables

The same way any environment variable can be used inside another. Eveditor will automatically expand any variable and display the resulting value.

Note, Eveditor 1.3.0 is still development release, use with caution.

Download environment variables editor now.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! It was very helpful!

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